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Product Certification and Awards


Hong Kong excellent service certificate香港傑出服務證書


HACCP certified 食物安全重點控制系統認證


HK Health Awards – Gold Award 香港健康產業大獎 – 金獎

Premium Organic Goji Berries
Thick, sweet and pollution-free
Authentic selection of raw materials

Ningxia Lycium barbarum producing area

The birthplace of wolfberry is Ningxia, which has unique geographical conditions, which are especially suitable for the growth of wolfberry, which is unmatched by wolfberries from other producing areas.

Natural river irrigation

The wolfberries are irrigated by the Yellow River and the Qingshui River in Liupanshan. The river water is weakly alkaline and rich in various minerals, so that each Viso I fruit has a high content of wolfberry polysaccharides.

Compatible with temperature and cold, sufficient light

Lycium barbarum fields have a large temperature difference between day and night, sufficient light, drought and little rain, and the fruits are bright in color, large in size, thin in skin, thick in flesh, few in seeds, and sweet in taste.

Raw material organic scientific cultivation

GojiTech strictly follows organic planting, no chemical fertilizers, no pesticides, no pests. The products have also passed the organic certification of the United States Department of Agriculture, which fully guarantees the safety and health of consumers' food.

Specially applicable persons

3 high-efficiency formulas effectively improve eyesight, protect eyes and prevent eye diseases

Frequent use of computer or mobile phone

Viso I helps block blue light, relieve eye fatigue and keep vision clear

Prolonged wear of contact lenses

Viso I relieves dryness, reduces redness, and keeps eyes bright and hydrated

Aging vision loss

Viso I effectively strengthens the retina, scavenge free radicals, anti-aging and prevent eye diseases

Prolonged exposure to sunlight

Antioxidant ingredients in Viso I can protect macular cells and crystals against UV damage

The world's first wolfberry glycopeptide production process

Professional checks, peace of mind guarantee

  • Citing patented technology, invested 150 million yuan in Ningxia plant for application transformation
  • Build the world's first high-tech wolfberry glycopeptide production line
  • The plant complies with HACCP food safety key control system certification
  • Use ISO/TC147 standard deionized water (Deionized water), also known as "ultrapure water"
  • Using high-quality and organic raw materials, the product has obtained USDA organic certification

One tablet in the morning and evening, the first choice for eye protection

Viso I Valued Package

1 Bottle

Viso I Goji Glycoconjugates Phytonutrient

(1 x 56 pills)


(會員價 $326.4)




半年前開始服用Viso I 枸杞 糖肽,眼睛問題得以舒緩, 至目前為止未需要接受藥物 注射。而且容易吞服,味道 不俗,比起一般煮菜熬湯時食 用的乾枸杞效果更佳。

潘女士 退休人士

Viso I 枸杞糖肽是我眼晴 一個很好的保健產品。 從視力較模糊至現在看 東西已很有實在感了,眼睛 在這期間也漸漸康復。當然 還要保持自己的身心健康, 工作時也要有適當的休息 和良好的睡眠。

鄺女士 老師

當初是以平常心試食 Viso I 枸杞糖肽,發現僅數天後便 有效改善眼乾問題,無需 再滴眼藥水。以後仍會 繼續服用,維護眼睛健康。

梁先生 物流司機

平時工作要打醒12分精神, 放假時間我喜歡戴隱形眼鏡 玩戶外活動,夜晚就愛玩手 機。長期崩緊嘅狀態令我眼睛 容易疲勞同好乾。食咗 Viso I 枸杞糖肽一段時間後,情況有 改善!而且我一直有經痛問題, 發覺疼痛問題有改善到,減少 咗服食止痛藥。我會繼續服用, 好好休息護眼又護肝!

黎小姐 護士



September 6, 2022


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September 6, 2022


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September 6, 2022


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Viso I 枸杞糖肽可以吞食或嚼服。


Viso I 枸杞糖肽 為100%素食產品。


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